Lady Adelaide Chronicles – 7th August 2020

Lady Adelaide

Written by Lady Adelaide

August 7, 2020

Dearest Friends. Old, new, and yet to become

I find myself stuck in 2020 for the time being as the Department has issued a “not safe to travel” warning to all active agents on assignment here which will remain in place until this dreaded plague has been quashed.

Thankfully I am stationed in Adelaide where movement within the state has remained fairly unrestricted due to the low number of cases, which has afforded me the ability to continue my investigations and study. 

I have been provided with accommodations in a beautiful house in the northern area of the city. Built in 1889 as a private residence the property is now being put to use as an exclusive Bed and Breakfast or at least that is how it appears to the outside world. According to my department guidebook the house was purchased many years ago as a means of providing a safe house for agents who found themselves in need of refuge and as a backup base of operation should the Adelaide office become compromised.

My assigned room looks out over the manicured front garden and to the street beyond. Very few cars go past here but I can still hear their buzz from the main road not far away. 

The gardener is out today, tending to the white and red roses in the wide garden beds along the fence line. Added security against any would be intruders. The wide stone walls separating the sanctuary of this place from the world at large is welcome in these uncertain times. 

The Department has assured me they have sent word to my family back home that I am stuck “on assignment” for the time being and would likely remain so for the next few months at least. 

I have been spending most of my time of late split between the house library and the kitchens where the house custodian has been instructing me on the use of the new fangled devices therein.

I am particularly impressed by the device built solely for the purpose of shaving ice and have taken to partaking of the wonder flavoured by apple juice with breakfast. 

The shadows on the grass outside are starting to grow long now and shortly the bell will ring to call any house guests down to dinner.

I leave you now, dear friends, with a quote on which to ponder until next, we meet. 

“One moment of patience may ward off great disaster. One moment of impatience may ruin a whole life.” Chinese Proverb.

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