Lady Adelaide Chronicles – 19th March 2020

Written by Lady Adelaide

August 31, 2020

I tell you friends; this world has gone just a little insane. 

First it was devastating fires right across Australia during the Christmas and holiday season and now a plague, not unlike the influenza, has taken the world at large by surprise. 

Many who have not been quarantined due to exposure to this illness have been buying copious amounts of everything they can, forcing grocers to enforce rationing at a level I haven’t seen since wartime.  

The world has gone into lockdown with many borders being closed to domestic and international travellers. 

The streets and gathering places now sit quiet and devoid of life as many people, either through necessity or choice, have isolated themselves from society at large. Relying on electronic forms of communication to stay in contact with their loved ones and communities. 

I too have isolated myself in my apartments and have taken it upon myself to learn and embrace these new technologies. 

I have come up with a list of activities to keep me occupied during this time of isolation. 

Here are my recommendations: 

·         Drink Tea – my preferred supplier is 

·         Keep a journal – 

·         Create something from the items you find around your home 

·         Learn a new hobby – ie sewing, knitting, embroidery 

·         Support a Steampunk creator via their Patreon page 

·         Find a pen pal you can write to 

·         Read a book 

Recommended authors: 

§  Karen J Carlisle 

§  Felicity Banks 

§  Gail Carriger 

§  Girl Genius comics 

§  Ged Maybury 

§  Michael Pryor 

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