Lady Adelaide Chronicles – 23rd September 2020

Lady Adelaide

Written by Lady Adelaide

September 23, 2020

The B&B has become a hive of activity of late as borders begin to reopen and agents are able to return from assignment to formerly submit their reports and lodge any collected items for transport back to head office in London. 

We have even attracted 2 new recruits from the far north of Queensland who have come to begin their training. If initial impressions are anything to go by they should form quite the double act when trained. As identical twins they seem to have a heightened sense of connectedness that most of us could only dream of. Even I, with my years of experience, am struggling to tell them apart when they are not both standing before me.

It’s a pity the other agents did not arrive on time to attend the festivities at the National Railway Museum on the 12th and 13th.

It was quite the treat to catch a private taxi down to Port Adelaide, which some of you may know as Port Misery due to its original swamp like nature, where I spent the day exploring the old steam trains, purchasing trinkets from the market stalls, talking to the merchants and generally enjoying the entertainment. 

I took a ride on the larger of the 2 working trains, its beautifully restored side emblazoned with the name Peronne.  She must have been quite the sight thundering along the rails in her heyday. 

There was a young troupe of performers deftly swinging from ribbons and hoops that reminded me of the circus from when I was a child. 

This year there was a theme of 100 years of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

I remember being introduced to Doyle’s work via a copy of Beeton’s Christmas Annual from 1887 sent to me by my London cousins.

I have encountered Doyle a couple of times in my travels. The first, when he came to speak at the Adelaide Town Hall and later at an event in London.

I must go for now. It appears Major Tortoiseque has once again escaped the confines of his enclosure and secreted himself about the house. 

Until next time.


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