Code of Conduct

Code of 


  • We acknowledge that interpersonal relationships in social settings are complex. Not everyone likes everyone else, and not everyone agrees with everyone else. Disagreements, friction, and vigorous debate are expected. In particular, this Code of Conduct is not intended to interfere with ordinary civil speech and/or panel discussions, even when people disagree about controversial topics. However, interactions that become hostile or coercive do not have any part in a healthy social environment.
  • Harassment is difficult to define, and attempts at an exact definition are subject to interpretation. Different people have different boundaries, and we all need to be respectful of that. If someone asks you not to touch them, not to talk to them, or not to refer to them in a way that they find objectionable, it’s best to stop. Repeated unwelcome behaviours are likely to be construed as harassment. Actions that are sufficiently egregious (assault, threatening language, and comparable actions) fall under this policy even if no previous incident has occurred.
  • We ask that you be considerate and respectful of all Festival attendees, fellow vendors, performers and staff. Please refrain from use of obscenities or foul language, as this is a family-friendly event. Please respect the requests of Festival staff and supervisors, and representatives of the National Railway Museum.
  • Additionally, we expect that all merchandise, wares and trade practices conform to all federal, state, and local laws and legal requirements and all requirements and restrictions of the Adelaide Steampunk Festival.
  • Just as you do not owe anyone your time, your attention, or physical contact, no one owes you theirs. Interacting with people you don’t know well can be somewhat like first contact with an alien ambassador, so demonstrate respectful intentions and do your best to be a credit to the human race.
Costuming & Attire
  • Visitors to the Adelaide Steampunk Festival are encouraged to dress up in whatever they would like, even from outside of Steampunk, however not wearing a themed outfit will not prohibit entry to the event as we would like to see everyone come along, be creative and have fun.
  • The event management team of the Adelaide Steampunk Festival and the staff of the National Railway Museum reserve the right to deem an outfit unacceptable and request the wearer make modifications as necessary.
  • The Adelaide Steampunk Festival is a family-friendly festival held in a venue with working railcars so we request all visitors wear appropriate footwear. Thongs (flip-flops) and bare feat will not be acceptable.
  • For safety, bare chests are also deemed unacceptable.
Unacceptable Activities

The following activities will not be tolerated during the Adelaide Steampunk Festival:

  • Physical or verbal harassment of fellow festival visitors, merchants, artists, performers, volunteers, event management or museum staff is not permitted.
  • Engaging in disruptive and unsafe behaviour that disturbs fellow festival visitors, merchants, artists, performers, volunteers, event management or museum staff
  • Possession or use of any illegal drug, narcotic or banned substance.
  • Distribution of alcoholic beverages to any person under the age of 21.
  • Disruptive or inappropriate behaviour, or any engagement in an activity prohibited by law.
  • Any act which could result in substantial risk of harm to people or property.
  • Any violations of other policies within the Code of Conduct, including the Weapons and Prop Policy, Interaction Policy, and those outlined above.

The Adelaide Steampunk Festival, National Railway Museum and associated partners are not responsible for any loss, damage, theft or injury with regard to any festival visitor at any time. Festival visitors are responsible for their individual actions and property and any repercussions that may result.

Civil or medical emergencies must be reported to event and/or venue staff so appropriate action can be taken.



Rules of Courtesy

The Adelaide Steampunk Festival requires all our festival visitors, merchants, artists and performers to abide by our Rules of Courtesy, which is the exhibition of respectful and courteous behaviour to fellow attendees.

  • DO NOT sneeze or cough on anyone! If you must sneeze or cough please turn away from other people and cover your face while doing so. Please wash your hands and arms after doing so. Hand sanitiser will also be available. Please use it.
  • If you feel unwell please stay home and rest, and if needed seek medical assistance.
  • We highly recommend that instead of hugging or shaking hands you bow, curtsy, nod, doff your hat or simply wave to greet each other.
  • Want to take a photo? See our Photo and Media Policy section below.
  • Attendees are asked to respect other attendees by not disrupting or intruding in their private conversations, videotaping/photography sessions, podcasting/recording sessions, or other activities.
  • Consent is required! Don’t touch a person without asking first. Don’t touch anyone’s costume or clothing. Don’t touch anyone’s props or bags.
  • Do not touch, hold, or remove merchandise from a table or display without permission from the vendor.
  • An individual wearing a revealing outfit or cosplay is not an invitation for anyone to touch them, make rude or suggestive comments, or assume that they are a certain kind of person. Sexual harassment or shaming of *any* kind will NOT be tolerated at the Adelaide Steampunk Festival.
  • Not everyone considers their Steampunk outfit or event wear a “costume”. For some, they are just wearing their favourite clothes. Instead of calling out, “Great costume!” using other terms like “outfit”, “look”, “gear”, “dress”, etc. is less assuming.
  • Asking what terms someone prefers before you address them is polite, and is an easy way to avoid offences and mistakes. This includes fictional titles (like “Lady” or “Sir) names and pronouns.
  • There is no “one way” or “right way” to do Steampunk, or any particular cosplay. There will be no gatekeeping or elitism at the Adelaide Steampunk Festival. Unwelcome or unsolicited criticism of cosplay, costumes, or props is unacceptable.
  • Some people wear their steampunk on the INSIDE. Costumes are encouraged but not required at the Adelaide Steampunk Festival. Not everyone can afford, is comfortable in, or wants to be in theme wear during the festival. Themed outfits are a choice, and those who choose not to wear them deserve the same amount of inclusion and respect as those who do.
Photo & Media Rules

The Adelaide Steampunk Festival and National Railway Museum require all festival visitors to abide by our Photo & Media Rules. These rules apply to, but are not limited to, audio, video, and photographic recording.

By purchasing a ticket to this event you consent to being included in any photography, film or sound recordings taken during the course of the Adelaide Steampunk Festival within the grounds of the National Railway Museum and grant the venue and the management of the Adelaide Steampunk Festival the right to use these recordings on social media, on their respective websites and for future marketing and promotional activities.

  • Recording of activities including general cosplay, personal photos/video with the guests, etc., are acceptable provided that subjects being recorded consent to it and provided that it does not disrupt events or the flow of foot traffic.
  • Should any convention guest or staff member request that recording of a particular event/item be discontinued, attendees must comply with this request immediately.
  • When asking an individual for recording permission, be clear whether you are requesting a still shot, audio recording, or live footage. Consent for one does not equal consent for any other.
  • Get a person’s name/social media info/email, etc., and include it when posting media, so they can access the media they are featured in. Many attendees spend *hours* stopping to pose only to never see the results or be properly credited.
  • Being dressed up all day can be exhausting. If someone is eating, resting, on their way to the restroom, etc., give them a break and wait to ask for a picture or recording.
  • Ask before tagging anyone in any form of social media. Even if you know them.
  • Ask before touching a person or any part of their ensemble while posing with someone.
  • Just because a person has already stopped to pose for a picture, or record for someone, doesn’t mean your camera is welcome too. Ask first!
  • Ask permission before taking pictures or filming any items for sale.
  • If you are posting a picture or footage of an item you just purchased at the Expo, tag the vendor and give them credit.

Weapon &

Props Policy

General Prop Rules

The Adelaide Steampunk Festival recognises that props and other items are an intrinsic part of Steampunk themed outfits and the overall festival experience, but one that must be enacted responsibly.

  • Props featuring mechanical and electrical components are permitted provided their function remains mostly cosmetic with minimal danger to others, i.e. potentially overheating batteries, gears that can catch fingers, etc.
  • There will be absolutely no play-acting with props or brandishing of weapon-like props in public areas, with certain supervised classes and tracks being an exception.
  • Props must remain on the person of the owner; consistently unattended props will be prohibited from the Adelaide Steampunk Festival event space.
  • Any prop a patron carries may be subject to inspection by Adelaide Steampunk Festival event managers or National Railway Museum staff. This means props may receive multiple inspections.
  • Inappropriate behaviour as outlined above and below may result in the prohibiting or confiscation of offending props.
  • All attendees are expected to comply with the broader Code of Conduct and Interactions policies, and any breach of said policies that include a prop will be considered an aggravated offense and will carry heavier consequences.
Projectile-Mechanism Props

The only types of projectile-based weapon-like props allowed are water guns, foam dart (e.g., Nerf) guns, and other toys similar in function to these two.

  • They must be empty of any darts, water, or other projectiles.
  • No other projectile toys or weapons will be allowed, including but not limited to paint-ball guns, air-soft guns, silly string guns, antique firearms, modern firearms, etc.
Prohibited Props

Certain items are absolutely prohibited from being carried or worn on the person within Adelaide Steampunk Festival event space.  These include:

  • Any type of blade is prohibited, regardless of peace-bonding and blunt edges. This ranges from short knives to longer swords and anything else that would be considered a weapon by law enforcement.
  • Smoke bombs, sparklers, explosives, or other items that feature an actively incendiary component are prohibited.
  • Any such weapons or items purchased from vendors during event hours must be stored in your vehicles, or kept with the vendor until the patron is ready to leave the event.
  • Any props designed in the image of a prohibited weapon must be constructed out of materials not associated with the original construction, i.e. prop swords must be constructed out of foam or benign plastics and not metal or wood, etc.

NOTE: Adapted from the Code of Conduct created by C.O.G.S Foundation and the Watch City Steampunk Festival

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